Scheduling with Amy

I’m selective in choosing the guests who I share my time with, and as such, I have a few parameters: I require that you be fully vaccinated for COVID-19. And, we will have a phone conversation prior to the appointment date.
(Returning clients may email me directly.)

New Client Session Request Form:
If you prefer to send the requested info by email instead of using this form, my email address is further down on the page.

What is your desired session length? (see notes below for guidance)

What dates and times are you available for a session?

(Pro tip! Specifying actual dates and time ranges is very helpful; just saying days of the week or “afternoons” or “weekdays” is less helpful)

What are your interests for a session with me and your degree of prior experience?

Please describe your prior experience with seeing other practitioners and include the contact info below for at least one reference (name, website, phone or email). If you are new to this and/or don't have a current reference, please specify that and I will respond back with my alternate verification method.

Please tell me how you found me, and add any questions or other info that would be helpful to know about you.

By checking this box, I confirm that I have been fully vaccinated for COVID-19 and that I will need to send a photo of my vaccination card as per the details in the important notes lower on this page

I typically reply to new requests within one day. If you don't hear back from me within a few days, then write to me at the email address below.
Returning clients may email me directly and do not have to use the form again.

email Amy

Important Notes:

Optimal Scheduling with Amy:
Because of my ’day job’ I only book a few sessions per week, so advance scheduling is often necessary. Timing is best in late afternoons, evenings, early mornings and weekends. But, if your only option is during regular working hours, with advance scheduling, I can sometimes accommodate such appointment requests. I apologize in advance that scheduling can sometimes require a little extra patience, but as with all things in life that are memorable and worthwhile, I can assure you I’m definitely worth the wait.

Session Length Guidance:
Minimum session length is one hour and is generally okay if you are only looking for sensual massage, or just one particular session type (e.g. you want ass play/strap-on only, impact play only, etc.). 1.5 hours or longer is better for having additional activities. If you’re still unsure about how long to book, please let me know and I can make a recommendation for what would be long enough to enjoy the experiences without feeling rushed.

Vaccine Verification:
After I review your submitted information and we proceed with scheduling a session appointment, I will request that you send me a photo of your vaccine card. If you are concerned about sharing your personal information on the card (e.g. name and DOB), you can cover that info in the photo AND put a note with "For Amy" written on it next to the card. Then, take a photo of both the card and note, and email to me.

The Phone Call:
After we agree on a session date and time, the final step is for us to have a brief phone conversation to discuss session details and my address info. I typically prefer to have this call closer to the appointment date and will coordinate this with you by email in advance.

Amy uses a secure email provider. For detailed info click here.

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